Confirmation 2018

The Programme
This year we will be running the Confirmation programme in different parishes on different days of the week and at different times over the next eight months. You can choose the venue and dates that suit you best. There will be 10 sessions in all; including a retreat day and a rehearsal for the Confirmation itself. The programme we will be using;

- provides a clear and non-threatening way to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone
- helps lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, within the context of the parish
- provides an understanding of the Sacrament of Confirmation

The sessions centre around a video, talks and discussions, whilst enjoying food and friendship.

Spaces on each course will be limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The most important place for faith to develop is in the home and therefore it is important that parents also make a commitment to developing and refreshing their faith. We would therefore encourage all parents to look at practical ways of supporting your child through confirmation and also looking at what you can do, as parents, to make sure that your own faith is refreshed.

Involvement with Masses
A big part of becoming part of the Church is being part of the life of the church. It is assumed that if you are enrolling for the programme you are already attending Sunday Mass. There are many ways in which we can all engage more fully in the Mass by taking on a specific ministry. Why don’t you or your child offer to be a welcomer, reader, collector, musician, cleaner, flower arranger or help with the teas and coffee after Mass.

As part of the process of confirmation, your child is required to choose a sponsor. They are someone that can be a witness to the fact that your child wants to make a commitment to being part of the church and who can then help them grow and develop in their faith after they have made their confirmation. When choosing a sponsor, they need to look for someone who is a confirmed Roman Catholic, someone who they know and think has a deep faith. This is because, they will be the person that they can go to for help and guidance in their spiritual life once the program is finished.

Confirmation Name
For your confirmation day, you have the option of choosing, if you want to, an alternative name as your confirmation name. If you are doing so, this should be the name of a saint. The Bishop asks you to choose a Confirmation Name from one of the saints found in the Roman Missal: The Universal Calendar, the National Calendar or the Diocesan Calendar. One reason for this is that candidates will in the future be able to celebrate with the parish community their saint’s annual feast day. Saints’ names and short biographies can be found hereWe will need to know the name that you have chosen by the time of the rehearsal in June 2018.

Baptismal Certificates
To be confirmed in the Catholic Church, candidates must already be baptised Catholics. As a result, at the first session, we will need to see a copy of the baptismal certificate to prove that they have been baptised. Please do not bring the original. If you have mis-placed your child’s baptismal certificate, please contact the church in which they were baptised for a replacement copy.

Registration Fee
In order to be able to deliver a high quality programme of formation for the young people which will help them to fully prepare to receive the sacrament of confirmation, there is a registration fee of £15 which goes towards covering the costs of the course. The charge is not for the sacrament itself, but for the costs of the preparation period; resources, catechists training, food etc. The £15 should be brought to your child’s first session. The money can be paid either in cash or by cheque with cheques made payable to PRCDTR. 

If you are enrolling more than one sibling, there will be a £5 discount for the second child.

If the money presents a particular problem, please contact your parish priest and they can work out a suitable solution, such as receiving sponsorship from the parish, or working out a payment plan, etc. Please do not let the cost stop you from enrolling your child on the confirmation program 

How do I sign up?
To sign your son or daughter up for the confirmation program, you will need to complete and return the registration form to your parish office or by email to:

You will then be allocated a place on one of the three programmes according to your preference and available spaces. On your child’s first session you will need to bring:

The code of conduct (signed by the young person and a parent / guardian)

- A copy of their baptismal certificate (Not an original)
- Payment for the £15 registration fee

If you have any questions, please contact: Catherine Hobbs   mobile: 07391 017294

Confirmation Date
This is likely to be early June. I will confirm the exact date once it is known in the new year.